20. December 2019 |

During the 30th of November, 15 young students who belong to TALENTOS MURCIA (High Intellectual Capabilities Association of Murcia, Spain), in collaboration with the FOUNDATION TRINITARIO CASANOVA, have participated in a working day about environmental awareness with the help of the online game AQUA REPUBLICA, enjoining and learning about the importance of the equilibrium and relationship between social and technological development, and maintenance of our environment.

The healthy competitiveness between the participants has thrown very high scores in comparison with the official records registered in the AQUA REPUBLICA webpage, highlighting all the assistants the enjoyment during the development of their own strategies, and the fraternity listening and advising to their colleagues.

14. December 2018 | Over 1600 participants in the UNEP-DHI Eco Challenge 2018!

It was another successful year for the Aqua Republica Initiative and the UNEP-DHI Eco Challenge. Thanks to the engagement of 12 committed competition partners many students around the globe competed this year in the Aqua Republica game.

In total, 1620 students from 10 different countries competed and learned about sustainable water management.

You can visit the global high scores for mission 2 here:

Thanks to all for the great engagement and contribution to this year’s Challenge.

We hope to welcome you and more for an exciting challenge next year.

30. November 2018 | UNEP-DHI Eco Challenge 2018 at University of West Florida, USA

Students in Section 8046 of the Introduction to Environmental Science course (offered by the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences) took part in the UNEP-DHI Eco Challenge 2018 by playing Aqua Republica from November 19-21 as part of their course unit on Water Resources and Pollution. Students reported that the game helped them realize the hard decisions that water resource managers and politicians have to make when it comes to managing scarce water resources and the forces outside of such people’s control such as a drought or a polluted water body that negatively impacts water security for all.

12. November 2018 | UNEP-DHI Eco Challenge 2018 in UiTM, Malaysia

We are excited to inform you that another Aqua Republica competition as part of this year’s Eco Challenge has taken place successfully from 2nd to 5th November at the Institute of Leadership & Development (ILD) Bandar Enstek, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia. We are thanking Assoc. Prof. Dr Wei-Koon Lee (the competition partner) for a great contribution to the UNEP-DHI Eco Challenge 2018.

1. November 2018 | UNEP-DHI Eco Challenge 2018 in Istanbul, Turkey

We are excited to inform you that another Aqua Republica competition as part of this year’s Eco Challenge has taken place successfully from 16th to 18th October in Istanbul, Turkey. The competition took place in Yildiz Technical University hydraulics laboratory where students from different university got some information about water security and water management. For three days students visited the laboratory  in order to participate in the competition. The competition was great fun and taught students about sustainable water management.

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