Welcome to Aqua Republica

Thank you for your support and goodbye.

Aqua Republica has been running since 2013 and what started as an initiative turned out to be an overwhelming success. After 6 years of running this, attracting over 30,000 players, we are happy to have made an impact towards global education in better water management. We would like to extend our deepest thanks all our partners and supporters who have been with us this whole journey and especially to all the UNEP-DHI Eco Challenge partners, we would not have been successful without you all.

Unfortunately we are no longer in position to support this activity any longer and while we will continue to work towards supporting different training, education and solutions for global water management, we will be closing down the game.

What is Aqua Republica?

Aqua Republica is a DHI and UNEP-DHI project that focuses on the development and promotion of a not-for-profit serious game in collaboration with a number of partners.

The aim of the project is to promote sustainable water resources management by sharing knowledge, to raise awareness and build capacity in some of the most critical issues in water resources management through serious gaming, where participants can experience making decisions in managing a catchment in an interactive and engaging way, and in doing so learn about the connectivity and importance of water resources, as well as the need for careful management.

While the world of Aqua Republica is fictitious, the challenges of sustainably managing a limited supply of water resources in a situation of growing demand between multiple users and uses are very much based on real life scenarios.