8 Best Alkaline Water Pitchers of 2020

Did you know that about 2 billion people drink contaminated water every day? That’s around 30% of the world’s population! If you want to avoid being part of this increasingly huge statistics, an alkaline water filtration pitcher is a simple must-have for you and your family. If you’re freaking out, don’t worry, I was in the same sticky situation not too long ago. That’s why I came up with these simple alkaline water pitchers reviews to tell you everything you need to know about the best alkaline water pitchers and ultimately help you decide which one is the best alkaline pitchers to have in the household.

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What’s In It For You?

You might be thinking, “Wait a second, is alkaline water even safe? Am I better off with just regular tap water?” Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but tap water is not exactly a healthy option. A recent study from the Environmental Working Group found that toxic fluorinated chemicals known as PFAs are present in several major U.S. cities. When ingested, PFAs buildup in our bloodstrea2m and increases the risk of cancer, harms the development of babies, and even reduces the effectiveness of vaccines.

But is Alkaline Water Really Safe?

To answer this, we must know what exactly is alkaline water. Alkaline water is water that has high pH levels. It can be naturally sourced from springs, or it can be ionized to make it that way. That’s what alkaline water pitchers are for! When you drink alkaline water, it does an excellent job of balancing out the acids in your body, especially when you, like me, loves to gulp down several bottles of soda every now and then. Alkaline water helps regulate blood flow, which keeps you more energized throughout the day. It also has anti-aging properties via liquid antioxidants, which are absorbed more quickly in the body.

How Alkaline Water Filter Pitchers Work

At this point, you should be pretty convinced that you need alkaline water. But will you get them in a spring? Absolutely not! Buying tons of alkaline water by the bottle is also not a good idea since it’s bad for the environment. So the best thing to do is to give yourself an alkaline water filter pitcher! But how does it work?

Alkaline water filter pitchers do two things to tap water. First, it filters out chlorine and other toxins from your regular water. Then, the alkaline pitcher adds essential mineral hydrates to the water to make it even better for you.

What To Look For in an Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher?

Different alkaline pitchers offer different pros and cons. Here are the most important factors you need to look for to find out the best water filter pitcher for you:

Initial Purchase Cost

Admit it or not, the cost is always a factor in any of our purchases. So we have to make sure that the perfect alkaline pitcher meets our quality and budget standards. Double-check if the price is worth what you're paying for and be wary of so-called filter systems that won't actually make you alkaline water! ​

PH Levels

The higher, the better. But it's not enough to just look at the pH levels advertised in alkaline water pitcher reviews. You have to know if the pitcher can sustain the pH levels it produces even after weeks of continued use. ​

Replacement Cost & Frequency

But one does not merely buy an alkaline pitcher; you also need to factor in the replacement cost of the filter replacement and how often you need to replace them to guarantee its effectiveness against contamination. ​

Size and Capacity

Another factor you need to consider is the size or capacity of your alkaline water filtration pitcher. These alkaline pitchers come in all shapes and sizes. You need to make sure that the capacity of one alkaline pitcher is enough to keep your family hydrated for at least a meal. Or you might end up having to buy more.​

Quality and Durability

Buying a water ionizer pitcher is not cheap. It comes with the intention of long-term use. So you have to make sure that the materials used in manufacturing the alkaline pitchers are top-notch. The best alkaline water filter pitcher is not just sturdy but should also have the best filtration system. It should also be able to survive daily use, and weather different temperatures, whether you like your water freezing cold or lukewarm.​

Ease of Use

No one wants drinking water to be a chore or a science experiment! That's why you should also check if you can understand how the filtration system works and how to maintain it. Ease of use also includes thoughtful design. If at the get-go, you will find it hard to pour yourself a glass of water from your alkaline water contraption, it might not be the best pick for you.​

Well-established Brand

A brand that has been producing and reproducing products for years is guaranteed to give you a better experience and a much more reliable item. However, this comes at a price that you may or may not be willing to pay, like with most Costco water filter pitchers.​

Customer Reviews

Aside from trusted alkaline water pitcher reviews like us, you can check out reviews from other customers either through the website, online shop, social media, or even word of mouth. If your trusted friend said this must be a good product, well, then it's worth a try! Just be cautious about paid reviews, although most influencers now put a transparency disclaimer to let you know if they were paid to do a review.​

Best Alkaline Water Filter Pitchers

I kept these criteria in mind and went through dozens and dozens of different brands and alkaline water pitcher reviews to present my top 8 picks for the best alkaline water filter pitchers currently available in the market. I recognize that different people would have different preferences in terms of features, so I tried to be as mindful and inclusive as possible. In this section, you’ll get a pretty comprehensive (including each pitcher’s pros and cons) and honest alkaline water filter pitcher review. Check it out below.

1. Invigorated Water FBA_COMINHKG056108 Deepa Restore

The first thing that impressed me about the Invigorated Water Deepa Restore is its digital indicator that lets me know when it is already time to replace the filter. It’s incredibly helpful for working moms like me, who have a ton of things to keep in mind. At least, I no longer have to count the gallons I’ve filtered– the indicator at the top lid does it for me!

When you buy the jug, you’ll get two PH001 Alkaline Water Filters for free. I found that this is a pretty good deal, considering that each filter purifies about 96 gallons of water. This is almost double the capacity of most other brands in its price range. However, if you want to intensify the filtration, PH002 filters would have to be purchased separately.

This is the brand and model I always recommend for friends who have small refrigerators that are always at almost-full capacity since the pitcher does not take up too much space and can easily fit in the fridge door.

It works for me since I’m not a huge coffee lover, but the Deepa Restore is not the best bet for friends who do, since it leaves the filtered water with a salty taste, which is really good for the metabolism but gives coffee a bit of an aftertaste.

Note also that this particular pitcher cannot hold water for prolonged hours. It will mineralize your water if you keep it sitting for more than 24 hours, making it unable to drink.


  • Each PH001 filter has an impressive capacity of 96 gallons
  • Comes with a filter gauge that notifies you when the filter needs changing
  • Safe to use: FDA and SGS-certified
  • Removes fluoride from the water
  • Filter consists of zeolite, ceramic ball, and stone micro nets, as well as activated coconut carbon charcoal and ion exchange resin to increase the pH level by about 1.5
  • Easily fits in the fridge, even within the door compartments
  • Easy to refill even for kids-- no need to remove the entire cap with the pouring hole on top
  • Both the premium alkaline water pitcher ionizer and its filter cartridges are eco-friendly


  • Rarely gets the pH level above 8, especially after weeks of use
  • Not dishwasher-friendly
  • Leaves water with a salty taste (good for metabolism, bad for coffee)
  • More expensive than most alkaline water filtration pitchers
  • Will over-mineralize your water if you leave it sitting for more than 24 hours

2. Ehm Ultra Premium Alkaline Water Pitcher

The Ehm Ultra Premium is the best alkaline water pitcher when it comes to raising your water’s pH levels. I was able to get readings of about 10.3 pH for the first few weeks of use, and even though that number dipped the longer each filter is used, I have never seen the pH levels go below 9.5!

These excellent results are mostly due to the brand’s patented 6-stage filter cartridge. Not only does it remove practically all toxins from your water, but it also adds a number of useful substances like magnesium, calcium, and potassium to your filtered water. Now, I can almost hear the alarm bells sounding off in your head right now, but don’t worry– all these added substances will not affect the taste of your water. In fact, I found that water filtered with the Ehm Ultra Premium taste incredibly close to those produced by Costco water filter pitchers– which are almost twice its price!

We mentioned earlier that replacement cost and frequency is one of the things you should watch out for when scouring through different alkaline water pitcher reviews. From experience, I can say this is one of the strengths of the Ehm Ultra Premium Alkaline Water Pitcher. In essence, the replacement filters come in bulk, allowing you to score great deals in terms of price and shipping costs, and saves you a trip or two to the mall if you do traditional shopping!


  • One of the most sophisticated patented filtration systems that can give you mineral water that tastes good
  • More potent water with the highest levels of pH
  • Leaves virtually no aftertaste-- perfect for those who love coffee/tea
  • Filters are sold in bunches, offering great saving deals
  • Has a downloadable mobile app that notifies you when it’s time to change filters, and allows you to reach customer service easily
  • Well-made and durable
  • Lid comes off easily, which makes refilling it a breeze


  • Quite bulky, not likely to fit your fridge door
  • Has no way to track filter life if you don’t have a smartphone
  • Lid comes off easily; not very child-friendly in terms of spillage probability

3. Dragonn PH Restore Alkaline Water Pitcher

One look at Dragonn’s pH restore alkaline water pitcher ionizer, and I knew it was going to be a fantastic fit for our huge family who all love drinking water! I really didn’t mind making space in my already-cluttered fridge for this pitcher, because its 1-gallon capacity meant that for the first time, I didn’t have to refill the pitcher multiple times a day!

Another feature that makes this pitcher stand out is the Dragonn Pitcher Cartridge, which boasts of a seven-layer purification process. Even from just the way it looks, you can already tell that it is way more complex than what other manufacturers use! Each filter is good for about 120 gallons, so even if your family blows through three gallons of water every day, you’d only have to replace the cartridge every five weeks or so! For a smaller family, each filter can even last for up to two whole months, and even more if you live alone!

Because of its size, my smaller kids find it a challenge to refill and carry the Dragon Ph Restore Pitcher, but even then, I observed that it allows little to no room for spillage even though it gets a bit wobbly when held by small hands. Fortunately, the top lid is fully closed and secured.

One drawback though, is that it does not filter out fluoride from your water. So it’s excellent when purifying chlorinated water, but if you want a pitcher that will cleanse straight from the tap, take note that this pitcher will not remove fluoride from your drinking water.


  • Perfect for large families because of its one-gallon capacity
  • Comes with a heavy-duty filtration cartridge that’s good for about 120 gallons
  • Leaves almost no aftertaste
  • Thoughtful design that allows for almost no spillage, even when kids are handling it


  • No indicator gauge for filter life-- you have to rely on your sense of taste to know when it’s time
  • Will not fit in your fridge door
  • Does not filter out fluoride

4. Lake Industries The Alkaline Water Pitcher

Alkaline pitcher reviews will never be complete without an affordable pick. I therefore present The Alkaline Water Pitcher by Lake Industries. It is an efficient pitcher that does mostly as advertised, but as you might have guessed, there are some drawbacks that come with an affordable price tag.

The actual pitcher can only hold about 2.5 liters– or 0.66 gallons of water. This might be enough if you live alone or with just one partner or a roommate. This would have been really helpful when I was living in a campus form for my dissertation. But now that I have a huge family, having Lake Industries’ alkaline water filtration pitcher around means I have to go for a refill about four to five times a day!

Even its replacement filters do not cost much but do take note that each filter can only last for up to 40 gallons of filtered water. That’s not much if you consider that filters from other manufacturers are good for about 100 gallons or even more. Then again, if you live alone and don’t have much space in your room or your fridge, this might give you the best bang for your buck.


  • Very affordable
  • Even the replacement filters are affordable
  • Can easily fit in the fridge, including the door compartments
  • Can match those Costco water filter pitchers when it comes to taste of filtered water
  • Has a digital filter gauge in its top lid, letting you know when it’s time for a replacement
  • Environmentally-friendly and BPA-free
  • Very hygienic-- no need to touch and remove entire lid to refill, just press down the small lid for a pour-over opening


  • Not ideal for big families due to its limited capacity
  • Filters are only good for 40 gallons of water each
  • Marketed with a 7-stage filtration process, but it’s the same 4-stage process used by other models

5. Seychelle pH2O Alkaline Water Pitcher

One thing that will immediately catch your attention when you see the Seychelle Ph2O Akaline Water Pitcher is that it uses two filters at the same time. But what difference does it make? Well, in a nutshell, the best thing about this setup is that it purifies water– fast.

In my household, mornings are a complete mess. Having four kids is fun and all until you have to get them all ready to go in the morning as you prepare for work yourself. A Costco water filter pitcher might do the trick, but sometimes I would find myself screaming at the pitcher to fill up faster.

A Seychelle dual filter pitcher could have solved this problem. The dual filters work together to fill up the pitcher pretty quickly, and so my kids no longer have to go full Battle Royale as to who gets to drink first. But I decided against it because of the limited capacity of the actual pitcher, which stands at just about 0.5 gallons. Another disadvantage is that this wouldn’t completely cleanse water that comes straight from the well. It will not filter out the salt in your water, so unless you are drawing from a disinfectant water supply, the other entries in this alkaline water pitchers reviews might be better picks for you.

If you do not enjoy replacing filters, though, the Seychelle Ph2O may just become your best friend. The dual filter system can produce up to 200 gallons of water before you replace any of them, although you would have to clean out both filters at a time.


  • Dual filters fill the pitcher up real quick
  • Each filter is good for 100 gallons of water
  • Uses 100% BPA-free and FDA-approved materials
  • Filtered water remains alkaline for about 30 days
  • Comes with a dial-on lid to remind you when to replace filters


  • Rarely able to push pH level beyond 9
  • Not suitable for deep well water sources as it does not filter out salt
  • Pricier than most other alkaline water pitchers
  • Actual pitcher capacity is at half a gallon, so it requires many refills per day

6. pH REPLENISH Glass Alkaline Water Pitcher by Invigorated Water

So far, we have rounded up mostly hard plastic alkaline water pitchers, but I understand that most of you have committed to a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle. This is why I am proud to include to this list the pH REPLENISH Glass Alkaline Water Pitcher, also by Invigorated Water.

It’s always commendable when big brands listen to what their customers want. Invigorated water has been producing model after model of plastic pitchers, until finally, they managed to come up with a glass alkaline water filtration pitcher that’s the best alternative for those who are living a plastic-free life.

Instead of a cartridge, the pitcher comes with a mesh-type, “on the go” water filter. It’s detachable and can be attached to any other bottle. Nowadays, I only do home workouts, but back when I was religiously visiting the gym, this “on the go” water filter would have been perfect for my regular water bottles to be able to produce alkaline water!

To be honest, though, what really caught my eye about this water ionizer pitcher is its sleek and modern design. It looks like a stylish flask that’s nice to display even when there are guests around.

Another nice feature of the pH REPLENISH pitcher is its infuser, which allows us to make not just alkaline water with it, but also juice infusions, tea, and even hot coffee. That’s right– one other positive side effect of having a no-plastic pitcher is that it can resist both hold and cold temperatures, while plastic pitchers may only be suitable for cold beverages.


  • Long-lasting filter bags that clean about 1700 cups of water before replacement is necessary
  • Highly versatile infuser allows you to make fruit-infusions, coffee, tea, and even wine
  • Sleek, modern aesthetic that’s Red Dot-awarded and easy on the eye
  • Heat and cold-resistant
  • Easy clean-up and maintenance


  • Pitcher capacity is just half a gallon
  • Glass design might be a hazard when there are kids running around the house

7. Reshape Water 10-Cup Pitcher

To be frank, this one is a guilty pick because almost all of the best alkaline water pitchers that are really, really good come with rather bland designs and are usually just white. I love stark contrasts in my interior design, especially in the kitchen area, which is why the Reshape Water 10-Cup Pitcher first caught my eye.

At this point though, I’d like to caution you against proceeding with a purchase just because the pitcher looks unbelievably good.

As you may observe in many alkaline water pitcher reviews, it would seem that design is the only good thing that the Reshape Water 10-Cup Pitcher. While I personally think this assessment is a bit too harsh, it’s not difficult to see where the sentiment is coming from. It’s almost as fussy and challenging to assemble like those Costco water filter pitchers that cannot even produce alkaline water.

One major criticism I have about this jug is that you cannot drink from it while it is filtering water. So even if there are already about five cups of filtered water available, you actually have to wait until the pitcher is done filtering all of its contents before you can drink from it! Remember that story about how mornings in my household go? It won’t work.

However, the Reshape Water 10-Cup Pitcher does have some strong features, like the fact that it comes with two filters from the get-go.


  • Quite possibly the most beautiful alkaline water pitcher available in the market
  • Comes with two filters
  • Removes chlorine, salt, and other heavy metals, for a better-tasting water
  • Impressive capacity of 10 cups


  • Will not allow you to drink until all of its contents have been filtered
  • Filters very slowly, according to most alkaline water pitcher reviews

8. Oxa Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

The common struggle with making the shift to alkaline water is that you would have to adjust to rice, coffee, and tea that will start to taste a bit different from what you’ve grown accustomed to. Granted that it may taste better than before, but sometimes taste buds do not recognize better; they only react to what’s different.

The best feature of the Oxa Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher is that it does not force your water to taste ‘better’ — just normal. While it retains the taste of water that you’re used to, it does improve the appearance of your coffee or tea, making it more appealing for you and your Instagram followers. How does it do that? Well, by merely removing limescale in your water. It will give your beverage a more smooth appearance, with none of that funny aftertaste.

Aside from being able to fit in the refrigerator door like most new brands, really, you may find that the Oxa Alkaline Water Pitcher is suitable for outdoor use, for when you have pool parties, garden picnics, and the like. Its design makes it easy to bring and clean even outside the house.


  • One of the few alkaline water pitchers that actually has a beautiful design
  • Tailor-made to fit even the smaller fridge doors
  • Good for outdoor use
  • Gives your coffee/tea a smoother appearance
  • Comes with two filters that have impressive longevity at 2400 cups or 600 liters!
  • Adds selenium and calcium to your drinking water


  • Has some design flaws in the top lid/flap that make pouring a challenge
  • Top lid does not come off easily, making refills a bit of a struggle
  • 1.5 liter actual capacity might not be enough for a big household
  • Does not have even the basic refill/filter indicator

So, which one’s the best?

Finding the best alkaline water pitcher can be a little too exhausting as it requires reading lots and lots of alkaline water pitchers reviews. While different households really have different pitchers that are ideal for them, we don’t want to waste your time reading an article entitled ‘best alkaline water filter pitchers of 2020’ without giving you an overall winner. 

Considering which one of the brands, as mentioned earlier and models, would be good for the average household with not too many kids and regular consumption, I believe the Ehm Ultra Premium Alkaline Water Pitcher is the overall best alkaline pitcher here.

Earlier in the article, we identified the features that you should be looking for when buying a filter pitcher, and I found that the Ehm Ultra Premium Alkaline Water Pitcher dominated the most number of features, namely: 

  • pH Level
  • Quality and Durability
  • Replacement costs and frequency
  • Size and Capacity
  • Customer alkaline water pitchers reviews

Our overall winner sends water pH levels to beyond 10, with filters that are affordable and are sold in bulk. This keeps the recurring costs to minimal, on top of the durable and well-made base pitcher! 

Finally, it’s a model that’s ever-present in all alkaline water pitcher reviews, thanks to its incredible reputation and sky-high customer reviews!

Although any one of the best picks we enumerated in our alkaline water pitcher reviews will satisfy you, I personally vouch for the Ehm Ultra Premium Alkaline Water Pitcher as the alkaline pitcher to have in 2020.

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