Best Water Filters for Every Category 2020

People would never want to drink any contaminated water. Since this is the case, how can people make sure that what they drink is healthy? Our governments may do everything they can to provide sanitized water. Yet, people are always at risk whenever there are pollutants that slip through the cracks.

The water in the faucet may have toxins. These can affect a person’s home and health over time. Included here are pathogens, heavy metals, minerals, and chemicals. Investing in a filter can be the easiest way to have the water purified.

Which filter could be ideal for your home? Check out our article on the top seven water filters so you can choose the best.

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Different Types of Water Filters

Simple Water Filters has various advantages over those that have big and complicated systems that may have some drawbacks. Because of this, before settling on a filter, you need to determine the kind that you need,  first check for your local ccr and reasons why you’re considering a filter. Here is a breakdown of every types of filter so you can review their advantages and disadvantages.

1. Under the Sink Filter

Whenever the filter of the faucet is too small compared to what you desire, consider the under the sink model. Like what the name is implying, this system connects to the plumbing under the sink. Because of that, you don’t often see it. Since it has a big size, it usually has a larger capacity in filtration. There may even be times when reverse osmosis is in use. This sophisticated filtration can help in purifying the water.

Size may not become an advantage. That is because systems under the sink have a higher cost compared to faucet filters. Moreover, these can take a lot of room below the sink. Despite that, it is low maintenance, so it can be an advantage.


  • This is an option for technology in advanced filtration.
  • There is an infrequent need for maintenance.
  • It can be great for drinking water and cooking.


  • It has a higher price.
  • Since it is big, it can take up a lot of space.

2. Faucet Filter

Here is a tiny device that you may connect directly to the faucet. It entails the removal of the diffuser of the faucet. It then gets replaced with a filter. Some users install the whole faucet. Because of this, you can choose either unfiltered or filtered water. Using faucet filters is excellent for purifying hand-washing, cooking, and drinking water. Despite that, it can be somewhat limited. There may be a chance that they won’t fit your faucet, or they don’t have a design for other taps such as showerheads. These must get maintained regularly. That is because these can lead to a drop in the pressure of water.


  • Affordable.
  • Easy to install.
  • It can be possible to choose between unfiltered and filtered.
  • It is great for drinking and cooking.


  • It requires maintenance on a frequent basis.
  • There may be issues in compatibility.
  • It can decrease the pressure of the water.

3. Water Filter Pitchers

We recommend going for the water filter pitcher. This may apply whenever water filtration in a full-scale isn’t exciting for you. They function and appear like any standard pitcher. These are beneficial because the drinking water is safer.

Investment in pitchers with water filters can be an advantage. That is because you don’t need to install it. They can be easy to use and compact. It can be a drawback because these can be slow. Because of that, frequent maintenance is necessary.


  • Portable and compact
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use


  • There is a need to have it maintained regular basis
  • It only creates drinking water

4. Fridge Filter

Fridge filters are dispensing filtered ice and cold water from the refrigerator. These can be convenient and sophisticated, and it could add an added touch of class to any kitchen. You only need to connect them to the dispenser of the fridge.

Whenever the fridge has a water or ice dispenser, you need filters. Fridges often get overlooked when it comes to filtration. Yet, these devices provide the same benefits that other filters have. The only con here is it needs a lot of maintenance. They may even take a lot of space in the fridge. Because of this, it may have an added cost for installation.


  • It is capable of filtering ice water
  • This can get installed in a simple way
  • Increased convenience


  • Added maintenance
  • Extra costs

5. Countertop Filters

When it comes to functionality, these filters do not differ much from faucet filters. Since they are bigger, they are more efficient. Instead of having it connected to the faucet’s head, they may get water diverted from the sink to the filter. It happens before the dispensing of clean water.

Despite the general compactness of countertop fillers, they may take more room. It can be simple to install. Aside from that, this can provide the same choice of unfiltered or filtered water. There may be designs that are more complex compared to the others. Because of this, the initial costs may be higher.


  • Efficient and compact
  • You can choose unfiltered water
  • Easy to install


  • It requires installation
  • The cost is higher compared to faucet filters

6. Portable Filters

In comparison to the whole house filters, portable ones are different. That is because they may not be similar in usefulness like the others. This is unless you have a particular need for this product. These have a design for hobbyists and travelers. It allows them to have filtered water whenever they are on the go.

There are lots of sizes, designs, functionality, and shapes portable filters come. Their common denominator is their ease in use, carrying, and packing. They all have a light weight as well.

These have cons since they cannot provide a continuous supply or set of filtered water. Some may work slow. The maintenance may be higher, which depends on the type.


  • It does not need installation
  • You can have filtered water whenever you are on the go
  • It is easy and effective to use.


  • It requires a lot of maintenance
  • This is great for use whenever there are emergencies

7. Whole House Filters

Among these systems could be the best bet that you’re looking for. This applies whenever your home needs comprehensive filtration. It comprises of various components that can get installed directly to the main water line. This filtration method is the most useful and practical that people can use. That is because the water in the house needs to get purified.

The whole home’s filtration system can be a great thing to own. Despite that, the initial costs may be higher compared to the others. We recommend this to get installed by a professional so your water will become filtered.


  • Great durability that is capable of lasting for an extended time
  • Allows all the home's water to get filtered
  • Filtration that is comprehensive


  • It needs to get installed by a professional
  • Most expensive initial price

Reviews of the Best Water Filters this 2020

We were able to choose seven of the most recommended filters. The basis of this is not only on their specs and efficiency but also the satisfaction of consumers.

1. CuZn UC-200 Under Counter Water Filter - The Handiest Filter of Water

It may not be surprising that this is a lot of the buyers’ top choice. It is durable, portable, and compact. This is even capable of lasting for five years, at the very least. It is also capable of handling 50,000 gallons of water. Since this device can manage a lot, you will get comprehensive filtration.

Through the 3-stage filtration, the filter under the sink can work on the contaminants. It gets completed without allowing the water to soften. Included are carbon filter, heavy metals, chlorine’s KDF filter, and Micro Sediment membrane.

Among this filter’s best aspects is being bacteriostatic. It cannot harbor, collect, and grow mold or unseen germs.

Reasons Why People Love It

Filtration that is Great

This device has filtration in three stages that work great. It makes the consumers satisfied with every result. We recommend getting this whenever you're concerned with contamination. This may be from heavy metal and chlorine. It can be a bonus whenever the filter can resist bacteria and mold. This can even avoid the need for any replacement and deterioration. It has a great feature that filters the water without the alteration of its mineral content. You can get a lot of tap water's benefits without any pollution.​


Even if this requires installation, it can be easy to grasp and free of any hassle. The unit can connect straight to the line of cold water. Setting it up won't need any skills in plumbing. It can be an excellent option for people on the move. That is because its dismantling and installation are straightforward. Aside from these, you don't need to worry when it comes to installation. When you buy this, you will get instruction manuals that are easy to understand. There are even instructional videos that can guide each step. ​

Things to Remember

For People Who Live in the City

Unfortunately, this unit may not be great for well water. This may not be able to safeguard you whenever the supply isn't treated. It is not recommended if you're unsure if the water came from a treatment plant. That also applies whenever you are off the grid. This can function well as an added step for the removal of chemical sanitation. This is for the treatment plants. Despite that, it cannot purify water that is too polluted. Choose a filter such as the Express Whole House Filter so you can stay safe. This is what they recommend whenever people are not in large towns or cities.​

Added Specs

  • Type Found underneath the Sink
  • Filter Three-Stage with a coconut shell carbon filter, Micro Sediment Membrane, and KDF filter
  • Installation Easy and Necessary
  • Dimensions 15 inches by 4 .5 inches by 4.5 inches
  • Features Includes a filter that is bacteriostatic with a five-year warranty
  • Included An available guide for instruction, instruction manual, and all components

2. GravityWorks Platypus Filter - Recommended for Travelers

Adventurers may get spoiled for their chosen portable options. Yet, the Platypus Filter is the customers’ favorite. It has a gravity system that needs to get set-up. Despite that, it works fast and has a capacity that is high to compensate.

The filter runs at a rate of filtration that is 1.75 liters for every minute. It is capable of taking water in four liters and is faster compared to almost any other similar filter. It can even provide you with water in a full bag within five minutes.

Even if this is portable, this filter can be well efficient. It clears almost every pathogen from the supply. This got tested by the EPA and NSF according to their standards.

Why People Love It

Capacity of 4-Liters

The total capacity of the system is 8 liters as it can hold dirty water in 4 liters and filtered water in 4 liters. Because of this, it is now the enthusiast of the outdoors's firm favorite. That is because they appreciate providing value for the money. Despite having a big capacity, it can be lightweight and compact to carry. It can be easy to fit it inside the luggage or backpack. This may even get set up anywhere.​

Recommended Whenever There Are Emergencies

It can be necessary to have it set up because of its gravity system. It can have the water filtered faster than anything else. In case you are traveling or stranded, and there is no clean water, it can save your life. This can provide filtered water within five minutes. It may be unheard of when it comes to portable filters. Whenever you have the amount of water considered, it can be quite impressive.​

Always Remember

Handle It with Utmost Care

We recommend people to become gentle with this kind of filter. Some buyers say that it can be easy to break. It even has a flaw in its design. This does not work well against dirty water. Make sure to avoid dropping or treating it harshly so that its condition will get preserved. There may be users that say it has a sloppy design that could get in the way when you fill it up. Despite that, lots of customers find it useful even if it can be a hassle to use.​

Added Specs

  • Type Portable
  • Filter Hollow fiber
  • Installation Easy and basic setup
  • Dimensions: 9.5 inches by 3.25 inches
  • Features Filtration rate of 1.75 liters per minute with a capacity of 4-liters.
  • Included All components like the storage bag and shutoff clamp

3. Heavy Metal Express Water Whole House Water Filter - Most Comprehensive

The system of Express Water can pay added attention to the filtration of heavy metals. It even meets the NSF regulation with plastic in food-grade that guarantees safety.

The filtration of three-stages includes the carbon filter, KDF filter, and sediment filter. It can remove the supply’s chemicals, pathogens, and heavy metals. Since there are more steps, the water will smell, taste, and look better.

In itself, the filter has a lot of great features. Having a clear case can make the filter’s monitoring easier. The handy stainless-steel frame can assist with the storage and placement.

Reasons Why People Love It

It Can Filter Everything

Having contamination of heavy metal purified may go an added mile. Moreover, the system can remove organic pollution, including pathogens and chemicals. People believe that this design is excellent and thought well by the engineers.​

High Quality

This filter underwent independent regulation and testing. Aside from that, it also meets both the ANSI and NSF standards. Since it came from food-grade plastic, you know that the filter is healthy. You will not be at risk of having cheap materials dampen its effect. It also doesn't release any toxic chemicals that can contaminate the filtered water.​

Always Remember

Drop in Pressure

There are reports that the water pressure drops when the KDF filter starts working. Even if the buyers praise adding the KDF filter, people may complain that it could be hard to work around it. This may be due to an installation fault or flaw in the design.​

Added Specs

  • Type Whole House
  • Filter 3-Stage: carbon, sediment, KDF
  • Installation Required to get completed by a professional
  • Dimensions 8.5 inches by 30 inches by 23.5 inches
  • Features Capable of filtering organic pollution, heavy metals, pathogens, and chemicals. Has a clear sediment filter
  • Included Stainless steel frame and all components

4. AquaBliss Water Filter Pitcher - Easiest That People Can Use

This pitcher is what we recommend whenever you don’t feel like setting it up or having it installed. The water quality that you get from the pitcher is excellent. Aside from that, the customers are praising the efficiency of the filter.

Whenever it works quickly, it can provide purified water within three minutes. It even has a durable pitcher that can last twice the time of other brands. It can be easy to maintain as it is only needed every 1/3 of a year.

The pitcher is capable of tackling organic, heavy metal, and chlorine contaminants. This can also improve the drinking water’s taste and remove the odors.

Reasons Why People Love It

It Can Be Fast

There may be lots of pitchers that can do a great job. Regardless, they may take a longer time to work. When it comes to convenience, this goes above and beyond. It can model filter to capacity within three minutes. This doesn't even compromise quality. Customers also say that it can produce some of the most delicious tasting water.​

It Can Help in Saving Time

Aside from working quickly, it can also help in saving maintenance time. We recommend having the filters replaced every four months. This long-lasting and durable product can even help in saving money.​

Always Remember

Seal that is Faulty Seal

Make sure that this pitcher gets handled with care. According to users, the bottom seal can get loose in an easy way. This may lead to messes and spills. There is another complaint that the lid doesn't fit correctly and is flimsy. Despite that, the filter got created with plastic that is BPA-free and strong. It can likely survive damage, bumps, and drops for an extended time.​

Added Specs

  • Type Pitcher
  • Filter Unspecified
  • Installation none
  • Dimensions 10.25 inches by 10.5 inches
  • Features Ten-cup capacity, rapid gravity filtering system, and BPA-free
  • Included All components

5. APEC Countertop System - Best Conditioner of Water

What if you live in a smaller home or don’t have permission to install large systems? APEC’s reverse osmosis countertop system may be the answer to this. It may not be necessary to have it installed. This can be both compact and light in weight.

The only thing you will need to do is to have it attached to your faucet. APEC made sure that this will appear stylish. Because of that, you wouldn’t need to worry that it will cramp up your space. Considering its size and portable status, it’s efficient. That is because it can remove a whole host of contaminants from your water.

Reasons Why People Love It

Conditions in the Water

Filtration through reverse osmosis is a method that is sought after. That is because it can filter and soften water. Filtration in four-stages can manage a lot of contaminants. What we like here, in particular, is that it can soften water on the third stage. Whenever you want to have the minerals removed from the supply, this is a recommended choice. You may only need to provide minimal effort. It can even become possible for your tap to have gentler water.​

Fluoride Filters

Regardless of the type, not every filter may tackle fluoride. This powerful feature can be surprising whenever the model is compact. Despite that, it does not end there. This can also be capable of filtering lead, copper, chromium, arsenic, and others. This model will let you have filtration that is comprehensive at your fingertips. It can hold up against any big system, so it outshines a lot of them.​

Always Remember

Decrease in the Rate of the Flow

Customers say that the pressure and flow rate of their faucet water report significant drops. Regardless of this, users are still satisfied. Despite that, the water may need to be handy in case you need it. It may become frustrating whenever you don't have a faucet as a backup.​

Added Specs

  • Type Countertop
  • Filter Reverse Osmosis
  • Installation Easy and required
  • Dimensions 6.5 inches by 6.5 inches by 115 inches
  • Features Softens the water and filters fluoride and lead
  • Included Has a protective case that includes all components

6. Aquacrest Refrigerator Water Filter - Recommended for Cold Water

Here is an excellent filter that takes into account older fridges. It may not be only for modern dispensers. It makes use of the carbon filter and coconut for water purification. In its lifetime, it can have more than 700 liters purified. Because of its impressive durability, the model can last for six months.

The filter of the fridge can tackle chlorine for the improvement of the water’s odor and taste. You will then get cold, crisp, and clean water. This is what they recommend whenever you want refreshing hydration in an instant. That is because it demands minimal maintenance after it gets set up.

Reasons Why People Love It

Option that is Universal

Some of the filters of the fridge got created with models that are specific to the brand. This can fit various models which can be older or not have compatible filters. It may not fit every fridge. Yet, it can be great to look into whenever you struggle to search for an excellent filter for your refrigerator.​

Has Chlorine Filtered

It may not be possible for chlorine to make it through the system's carbon filter or coconut. It can help in improving your health and make the water smell and taste better. This is what they recommend for healthier hydration. It can be great, especially if the months are warm. That is because cold water can hit the spot.​

Keep in Mind

It May Not Get Connected to All Fridges

Despite considered a universal model, there is still has a list of fridges it is compatible with. Before buying it, have it checked first. It may fit an unlisted model, but it may not be able to work efficiently. ​

Added Specs

  • Type Fridge filter
  • Filter Carbon and Coconut
  • Installation Easy and Required
  • Dimensions 9.4 inches by 1.4 inches by 1.4 inches
  • Features Filters chlorine and is universal
  • Includes Every component

7. Stainless Steel Engdenton Water Filter - Recommended for Faucets

This is what we recommend whenever you are searching for power and style. This faucet filter made of stainless steel looks great and does a beautiful job. Aside from that, installing it isn’t hard and doesn’t cost a lot.

Since it has a build of food-grade, the filter can resist cracks and damage and can last for a long time. It has activated carbon that clears lots of impurities; this includes pollution, chemicals, and VOCs. These could have the appearance and taste and appearance of the water impaired.

The filter is capable of swiveling to 360 degrees. It can work through an excess of 1211 liters before replacement. The need for maintenance may only occur every half a year. Because of that, the filter can help in saving money and time.

Reasons Why People Love It

Great Durability

The con to these faucet filters is that they need to get maintained often, which could be expensive. The model can break the mold and take up some time. You may only need to have it maintained for every half a year. Since this can be easy to install, keeping it in excellent condition won't need extra energy or money. The casing made of stainless steel is a food-grade material of a high quality that can last for a long time.​

Can Work Fast

Avoid worrying whenever there are drops in water pressure. In comparison to the other faucet filters, this has a high rate of inflow and doesn't waste time. From this filter, you may expect half a gallon for every minute. Because of that, it can work well when it is in a fix.​

Always Remember

Have the Specs Checked

Since this filter is not like the fridge filter AquaCrest, it isn't universal. It makes the customers report of frustrating drips and leakages. Whenever this occurs, it is possible that it does not correctly fit the faucet. Because of that, before having this one a go, have the dimensions in order first.​

Added Specs

  • Type Faucet filter
  • Filter Activated carbon
  • Installation Easy and required
  • Dimensions Fits: threaded inner faucets of 23.5mm;
  • faucets that are unthreaded at 15-21mm;
  • outside threaded faucets of 21.5mm.
  • Features Food-grade and crack-proof with a flow rate of 0.5 GPM
  • Includes All the components

Tips for Buying the Best Water Filter

The kind of filter needed may not be the sole consideration that people should take into account. Here are some tips that can help you in choosing:

  • Be attentive to the filter: Make sure to check the type of filter and what it includes. A popular choice includes activated carbon. That is because it is capable of filtering out impurities and chemicals. Make sure that the selected filter can manage your concerns in contamination.
  • Have maintenance considered: There may be times when you want to buy a cheaper or smaller filter. With this, the maintenance cost must be in consideration. Generally, compact filters demand replacements more often. This can add to the cost. Make sure to research so that the filters included can be easy to get cleaned. It must also be cost-effective to have it re-stocked.
  • Is it possible for your home to accommodate this? This may have larger systems in filtration. Because of this, you wouldn’t want to have money wasted on something that you can’t install. Before investing in this, make sure that the filter’s layout has plans. It is also better to have enough space. This will allow the plumbing not to get damaged or disrupted.

Which of the Brands Should I Buy?

The brand is another factor to keep in mind. Lots of brands create affordable and effective products. Yet, you must remember that the hype must not be the deciding factor. Even if the top filtration sellers are Brita and Pur, they don’t please the customers as much as the others. Here is a list of the brands that stands out, which is why we recommend them.


Platypus stood strong for two decades. Because of that, it is the chosen brand in portable filtration.

Platypus supports a lot of non-profit organizations. This includes the Pacific Crest Trail Association.

According to Platypus, they have people who are avid adventurers. These portable filters get created by people who understand what people need. Because of their high quality and expertise, Platypus is at the top and among our favorites.


This may be a smaller company compared to the other recommended ones. Despite that, it now climbs the ranks in filtration. Because of their function and form, these products stand out. Aquabliss provides emphasis and effort on filters that appear great. It made customers happy with what it can offer.

One of the great things on AquaBliss is that it offers a guarantee of 100% satisfaction.


Here is a top brand that specializes in the filtration of both air and water. It does this through the patented technology of unique filtration. Compared to its competitors, it has more efficient and bigger filters. This even has tests that backs up their claim.

FilterFoam of Cuzn can tackle everything. It can be from the VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and chemicals. This may reach up to algae and heavy metals. The Cuzn filter can protect the water from viruses and bacteria, and it is even composed of natural materials. Consumers are praising these filters’ effects. Because of that, feedback can be better compared to the other filters.

Express Water

Here is a favorite of the customers that has a history that is charming and simple. Three friends got tired of seeing their loved ones worry about purified water. Because of this, they began the brand that now has almost three decades of experience.

The focus and mission of the brand are to bring chemical-free and clean water to homes. The systems of Express Water have a design that is convenient and simple. A key to this brand is customer service. They can provide a full refund and free support within a month.

APEC Water

APEC, the reverse osmosis leader in America’s water filtration system, is in California. It still goes strong after two decades. APEC is proud of its custom-built filtration system. These got designed and manufactured in the country. The list of organizations that select APEC is impressive. It includes the Yale University, coast guard, and US army.


Even if the history of Aquacrest does not have the same color as APEC, it is excellent in satisfying customers. The brand boasts that it has lots of loyal and happy customers. That is because of its regulated and well-selected products. Every filter that Aquacrest produces got certified by the NSF. Moreover, it emphasizes on convenience.


People can find Engdenton everywhere. That is because it is the designer and manufacturer of a lot of famous brands. It stands strong for an excess of a decade. Based in China, it has a customer base that spans the other continents. There is a wide variety of systems in filtration that it offers. This includes the systems in faucet mounts, reverse osmosis, cartridges, and countertop filters.

Have Your Thirst Quenched

A plumbing Ph.D. may be unnecessary in incorporation and understanding of water filtration. This applies to your lifestyle and home. There may be something that is great for everyone. It may be systems that are whole-house and comprehensive or portable purification. The great part of having them set up is that it can be easy.

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