18. March 2016 | Scheduled Servers Maintenance 25th March 2016

Please note that there will be a scheduled server maintenance on Friday, Mar 25 Saturday at 23:00 (Central European Time).

During the planned maintenance window, you may experience downtime for all versions of Aqua Republica. We expect the maintenance to be completed within 12 hours.

4. January 2016 | Serious Play – Using Aqua Republica to enhance learning

We have launched a modular, self-paced course is designed to help guide facilitators and educators on how to use the Aqua Republica game in water related training and workshops.

We shall look at what is serious gaming and how it can be used to enhance learning as well as to introduce you to an educational game called Aqua Republica. We shall also have a hands-on exercise on how to play Aqua Republica to get you familiar with the tool. Finally, we shall show and guide you on how you can use Aqua Republica to enhance your training or teaching experience.

As part of the course material, you will receive an online facilitator’s guide which consists of detailed information about the game as well as suggested activities to be part of a training course, class or workshop. The guide will also help facilitators link up the generic nature of the game to more local issues. This is done by asking the participants relevant questions and getting them to reflect on what happens in the game and how it relates to their surrounding environment.

Module 1: What is serious gaming and how it can enhance learning
Module 2: Introduction to the Aqua Republica initiative
Module 3: Hands on activity with the Aqua Republica game
Module 4: How to use Aqua Republica as part of a class or training activity

To sign up for this free course, please register here.

10. November 2015 | UNEP-DHI Eco Challenge Country Partners Webinar

Following the Call for Partners for the UNEP-DHI Eco Challenge for 2016, we have organised a series of identical webinars where we explained the competition setup, including what you can expect from us and what we would expect from you as a country partner.

The outline for the webinar was as follows:
– Introduction to UNEP-DHI Partnership
– Introduction to Aqua Republica and UNEP-DHI Eco Challenge
– UNEP-DHI Eco Challenge organisation guidelines
– Next steps
– Questions and Answers

We have now concluded the webinar series but continue to welcome interested country partners who have missed the webinars to view the slides and a recording of one of the webinars. Should you have any questions or are interested to join as a country partner, please contact us.

You can download the slides here.
You can also download the video recording here.

Alternatively, you can also view the recording of the webinar by clicking on the video link below.

30. October 2015 | Servers maintenance

Please note that all Aqua Republica versions will be unavailable until 1500 CET due to server maintenance.

28. October 2015 | First Indian University Challenge on IWRM and Aqua Republica a success!

In conjunction with IFAT India, the first Indian University Challenge on IWRM (Integrated Water Resources Management) and Aqua Republica was successfully conducted on 15th Oct 2015 at the Bombay Exhibition Centre in Mumbai.

Here are some photos of the challenge. Watch this space for more challenges coming up with IFAT!

University Challenge in India 1

University Challenge in India 2


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