17. March 2017 | Curtin University sponsors prizes for the UNEP-DHI Eco Challenge 2017!

We are very pleased that Curtin University is now our principal prize sponsor for the UNEP-DHI Eco Challenge 2017! As part of this partnership with Curtin, we are very excited to announce that we will be offering a prize pool valued at $1000AUD for the top performing global teams in this year’s challenge!

• First place: $500AUD value
• Second Place: $300AUD value
• Third place: $200AUD value

* In the case of a tie, prizes will be combined and shared. Winners shall be decided by event organisers based on ranking on the leader board at the close of the event. All decisions are final and shall be resolved by the event organisers.

6. January 2017 | Game-based learning publications

Happy new year! For everyone interested in game-based learning such as Aqua Republica and all the research which are done, please find a very comprehensive list of journals in this slides kindly provided by Michael Sutton.

9. December 2016 | Call for sponsors: Join the UNEP-DHI Eco Challenge 2017 as a sponsoring partner- and help to promote a better world!


Do you want to help promote a more sustainable future? If yes, then please support this unique not-for-profit children’s competition aimed at educating youth about the practical importance of caring for the environment.

Since 2013 more than 7000 children between the ages of 14-17 in 14 countries have joined in the annual “UNEP-DHI Eco Challenge” competition by playing the Aqua Republica educational game. Apart from having fun, the experience has helped them to learn about sustainable water, climate and environmental management as well as the Sustainable Development Goals.

As we continue to grow the competition we are looking for sponsoring partners to support prizes the 2017 UNEP-DHI Eco Challenge. Please join us in making a difference!

What does it mean to become a sponsoring partner? By becoming a partner, you commit to:

  • Providing in-kind or cash contributions to support prizes for the UNEP-DHI Eco Challenge 2017

What you will receive as a partner in terms of support are:

  • A signed certificate from UNEP-DHI recognizing your valued contribution
  • Your name or organisation’s logos on the UNEP-DHI Eco Challenge website and competition materials

Deadline: Jan 31st 2017

Please contact the Competition Coordinators for more details.

Chengzi Chew –
Gareth James Lloyd –


20. October 2016 | Call for partners: Join the UNEP-DHI Eco Challenge 2017 as a competition partner

Do you want to help educate the youth in sustainable water and environment management and be part of a global network of innovative water educators?

Since 2013, over 7000 children between the ages of 14-17 in more than 14 countries have joined in the UNEP-DHI Eco Challenge and competed by playing the Aqua Republica game. Apart from having fun, the experience has helped them to learn about sustainable water and environmental management. As we continue to grow the initiative, we are looking for competition partners for next year’s UNEP-DHI Eco Challenge!



  • Organising and running a fun competition with the Aqua Republica game for high school children
  • Inviting schools and students to participate in the competition
  • Establishing local partnerships to help support and promote the competition


  • Access to the competition admin page
  • Access to a specific Aqua Republica game for use during the competition in English
  • Access to web-based training on how to use the game in classrooms in English
  • A competition kit consisting of guidelines, letter templates and certificate templates to aid you in organising the competition
  • Technical support during the competition

UNEP-DHI is not in a position to pay for competition partners’ time or competition prizes. However, competition partners can identify and accept support from other sources upon agreement with UNEP-DHI.

Deadline: 30th November 2016

The registration is now closed.

30. September 2016 | Inspiring youth in water management with NZ Aqua Republica Eco Challenge 2016

The inaugural NZ Aqua Republica Eco Challenge, which was conducted from 5- 18 September, was a success! The challenge gave New Zealand students the opportunity to try their hand at managing water resources through the local version of the Aqua Republica serious game.

Read the full story here

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