12. July 2013 | Aqua Republica Middle Olifants coming soon

We have been busy with our first customization of Aqua Republica and here’s a sneak peak of what we are up to in the Middle Olifants catchment in South Africa.

  • a more complex MIKE BASIN model including a groundwater module and real water and climate data and scenarios from the Middle Olifants catchment
  • more structures, added new mines, new crops and new irrigation systems to reflect what’s on the ground in Middle Olifants
  • rework some of the GUI and score components

Aqua Republica Middle Olifants


Contact us if you want to know more!

3. June 2013 | UNEP-DHI Eco Challenge Highlights

Congratulations to the following winners of the 2013 UNEP-DHI Eco challenge!

1. UNEPECOThesurfers (From Thailand)

2. UNEPECOTsunami (From Thailand)
3. UNEPECOCuteBirds (From Singapore)

The President of the Serious Games Association (Singapore), Mr. Christopher Quek will be presenting the third prize at the ACCESS Congress on the 5 June 2013 at NUS UTown.

Here is a screenshot of the Thai team event in Chiang Mai University.

UNEP DHI Eco Challenge 2013

Winner of UNEP-DHI Eco Challenge


13. May 2013 | Aqua Republica featured on China Water Risk

Could a Chinese version of Aqua Republica help raise awareness of water issues in China? Read more about Aqua Republica on China Water Risk at


24. April 2013 | Aqua Republica Competition in Asia Pacific

26. February 2013 | Aqua Republica introduced in West Africa



Aqua Republica was tested/introduced in connection with a regional course in integrated water resources and environmental management held in West Africa for professionals involved in water resources management.

The response was great and there were a lot of discussions on what is the best way to allocate water in our fictitious water catchment called Aqua Republica among the participants. We’ll be looking forward to using more of Aqua Republica in related water management courses!


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