About partnerships

Why partnerships?

Our ambition is to continuously develop Aqua Republica in multiple versions which have both broad and specific appeal to a wide range of people and contexts. In order to fulfil that ambition we need to collaborate with policy makers, NGO’s, water institutions, companies, universities and schools.

How does it work?

Partners typically have an interest in developing a specific version for a specific use, also called a unique version. The unique version is based on the core version of Aqua Republica which forms the basic game platform.

For example, Partner A would like a version which is more focussed on the impacts of mining and we would tailor the game to have more mining related events and mining related issues, where they could use in professional workshops and training courses to promote better water use in mining.

Partner B would like a version which is more focussed on general water issues but their target audience is for high school students, we would then tailor the core version to be more suitable for students.


What are the benefits?

This model is viewed as being cost effective for both the partner and for DHI/UNEP-DHI: A partner’s main financial outlay is the costs associated in developing the unique version, with DHI/UNEP-DHI using comparatively smaller portion of the partner’s funding to further develop and maintain the core version.

Are there other ways to collaborate?

Yes, we are always open to other ways of collaboration and are always reviewing our partnership model. If you have a good idea on how we can work together, we would like to hear from you!