Why are there different versions of the game?

Integrated water resources management (IWRM) is a broad topic and there is not yet a version of Aqua Republica that can accommodate all the scopes. So to overcome this problem, Aqua Republica is spilt into core and unique versions.
The core version of Aqua Republica is a framework of game features and game modules which can be assembled into various unique versions. A unique version of the game can be a change of

  • numerical model data
  • landscape of the game map
  • different events and advice
  • different learning goals

A partner typically will be interested in developing a unique version for their own use with a specific focus.

What are the different uses of Aqua Republica?

Some examples of different uses of Aqua Republica are:

Applications Purpose Using a fictitious virtual environment Using a realistic virtual environment
Stand-alone game Raise awareness of issues

Build capacity on an individual level

Fictitious virtual environment that uses fictitious data but with real life scenarios.

Appeals to a wider and more generic group of audience as game content does not reflect any local region

Beneficial for breaking down barriers of communication because of the neutrality of the environment

Virtual environment that uses real life data and real life scenarios.

Especially important for more in-depth discussions relating to local issues

Hands-on exercises Build capacity on an individual and organisation level

Engage participants’ interest and increase discussions

Competition between participants Monitor and track learning progress

Engage participants’ interest and increase discussions

Assessment Monitor and track learning progress

Are there examples of unique versions?

Yes! There are some examples here:

Danida version

Aqua Republica Danida version is a result of a partnership with Danida. It is a toned down and simplified version designed for Danish 7th to 10th grade students with a focus to create awareness of water issues and basic principles of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM). It is a realistic simplification of the real world is created for players to play and learn—by personal experience, about the conflicts and trade-offs that exist in a river basin.

You can try it here!

South Africa Middle Olifants version

Aqua Republica South Africa Middle Olifants version is part of a research project with German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. It is a customized version of the game with a stronger focus on agricultural and irrigation issues. We will be using real life data from the Middle Olifants catchment and customizing local events into a unique version with the purpose to educate stakeholders in the catchment for more efficient and sustainable agriculture practices.

You can find out more about the research project here.

UNDP Cap-Net version

Aqua Republica UNDP Cap-Net version is a partnership with Cap-Net. It will be a customized version of the game with more focus on trans-boundary water and climate change related issues. The focus will be to educate students on how principles of IWRM can be used to help solve some of those issues.

Are all unique versions free to play?

Yes and no, depending on the target audience of the game. Some games are suited for the general audience and they will generally be free to play. However there are some other games which are targeting a specific group of audience, involving facilitators and it will not make sense to make it free to play.

Are you interested in a unique version?

If so, we would be more than happy to talk to you!