22. May 2018 | Aqua Republica Serious Game Workshop – Pretoria, South Africa

On 19 April 2018, EkoSource in partnership with DHI and The Innovation Hub hosted a successful one day Water Scarcity Serious Games workshop in Pretoria. The attendance was from a variety of fields of practices, including Catchment Management Agency officials, Danish Embassy representative, student, a Professor from one of the local institutions as well as consultants from the neighboring country, Lesotho.

Positive feedback was received by all individuals who enjoyed playing and interacting with the game. Feedback highlighted the following aspects, the game provided insight into water resources management and planning in an educational manner, the impacts associated with different land-use impacts were clearly demonstrated, the interventions related to different policy implementation were clear and the game provided an effective framework in which to learn about different water related impacts and the effectiveness of different interventions.

Suvritha Ramphal from the Danish Embassy was quoted as saying that:

The concept of the game is fantastic! I strongly recommend water specialists to try this out if they have not already. I gained valuable insight into the planning and developmental challenges associated with the need for more energy and water to stimulate economic development.